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If you’ve already read my previous write-ups about how to track a cell phone, you already know that I recommend the SpyBubble Cell Phone Tracker above other cell phone trackers out there. In short, these are the reasons why I choose it above the rest:

  • SMS Tracking
  • Call Logs Tracking
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Phonebook Access
  • Tracking URL’s Visited
  • Tracking of E-mails Sent and Received
  • Access To Photos Taken
  • Lifetime License (not like the rest which have recurring fees)
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Live Call Listening for SpyBubble Pro. (No other cell phone tracker has this feature yet to the best of my knowledge. This is offered to you if you already have the regular license.)

What’s Inside This Cell Phone Tracker?

I installed the cell phone tracker on my girlfriend’s cell phone (with her permission and consent, of course). This is how it looks like inside and some of my notes… (Screenshots taken in March 2012).

Note: I blurred/erased important details for reasons of privacy.


The Login Page

login SpyBubble cell phone tracker

This is the Login page. You’ll put here the Email you used in registering with the SpyBubble cell phone tracker and the Password they’ll give you through your email.


The Dashboard

dashboard SpyBubble cell phone tracker

Here is the main dashboard for your SpyBubble cell phone tracker account. A summary of logs can be found here.

The installation & uninstallation instructions are all here. I did not put the instructions anymore on this site because they all vary depending on the target phone. You can also remove all logs here.

The secret code which is very important in installation is also found here.


The Call Details


calls SpyBubble cell phone tracker

With SpyBubble, you can see both the incoming and outgoing calls. Also, the Phone Number, Time of Call, and the Duration of the call.


The SMS Details

sms SpyBubble cell phone tracker

You can also see with this cell phone tracker, the time text messages were sent and received, the Phone Number, and the whole text message.


The GPS Details

gps SpyBubble cell phone tracker

You can also track the cell phone location with this. The time, latitude, and longitude are shown. Plus, you can view map!


The Email Details

email SpyBubble cell phone tracker

Yes, even emails can be tracked with this cell phone tracker. The time, sender info, and the receiver info are shown. Plus, the whole message itself.


The URL Details

url SpyBubble cell phone tracker

The URLs visited using the phone are also shown. The URL is displayed and the time and date it was visited.


The Photo Details

photo SpyBubble cell phone tracker

This cell phone tracking software can also show the photos taken using the target phone. Again, I don’t want to step on their privacy that’s why I blurred these pictures.


The PhoneBook Details

phonebook SpyBubble cell phone tracker

You can also see everything that’s in the phonebook of the target phone…


The Live Call Listening Feature

Honestly, I don’t have this feature yet. This requires the SpyBubble Pro version. As already said, the Pro version allows for Live Call Listening. Plus, you could listen to the LIVE environment of the phone if you have this feature.

If you take the plunge and try  this new feature, I’ll highly appreciate it if you would come back to this site and comment about it. If you want to try out the cell phone tracker I use, here is the link again: SpyBubble cell phone tracker.

Best of luck,


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