How To Track A Cell Phone Location?

Here are some of the questions I got from the Contact Page after I made this site. I will also put replies on each of them.


Q: Do I need to get hold of my target phone first before I can track it?

A: Yes. You need to get hold of it and install the cell phone tracker first before you are able to track it. That'd be too much if anybody could deliberately track any phone at that (in my honest opinion). Please get permission from the owner and/or user first before you install it.


Q: I lost my cell phone. Is there any way on how to track a cell phone location online?

A: First, you must have first installed (beforehand) the cell phone tracking software I'm talking about in this site as it's the best one I've found. But if you did not, then, there are still other ways (sim card tracking and IMEI tracking which are VERY expensive, time-consuming, and NOT online, if that's what you're looking for).

In your case, there is just one big problem, your phone cannot be called anymore. Chances are the thief (or anybody who found it) already changed your SIM card. Next solution will be the IMEI of your phone, which in your case again, you do not know. 🙁

In that case, I do not know exactly how to answer your question anymore. I'm very sorry.


Q: Does anyone know how to track a cell phone from Verizon? My sister is lost…

A: (This is for the US only) All phones sold today are GPS E911-capable. I think that is imposed by the FCC. The only other way to track the phone is to use a location-based service at Verizon Wireless. However, this requires that you have already downloaded and installed the application from Verizon. I also believe there's an additional charge for these location-based services. So unless you installed the service beforehand, the device can not be tracked.


Q: Do you know of a free cell phone tracker? I want to be able to follow my friends without them knowing it.

A: No. I don't know any of such sites. Such service would always cost money I'm sure. I looked for free ones before but did not find any. It was frustrating because I just wasted my time and energy.


More Q&A to follow…

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