How To Track A Cell Phone Number

This instruction gives you comprehensive and thorough directions on how to track a cell phone to help you get the info you urgently need. The process of installation is rather easy and will only require a few moments of your time.

However, you need to create an account first to be able to use the cell phone tracking software. It’s a paid solution but it’s well worth it for all it can do (finding the GPS location, tracking calls, tracking SMS, and Phone Book Access). Plus, it’s fairly cheap and you can use it for as many phones as you want. Click Here to Create An Account Right Now.

So that you won’t waste your money before trying how it works, there is a demo you can use to try out the cell phone tracking software. This is what you should do to try it out:

  • Click here for the main site (this will open in new tab so you won’t lose these instructions)
  • Click the 4th header link labeled “DEMO” on that site.
  • Follow the instructions there on how to install the software on the target phone.
  • After installation, you’re ready for testing. Send SMS or call the target phone and you’ll see the details recorded on the logs after some moments. You may choose to uninstall later.


  • Windows Mobile 5.x and 6.x
  • iPhone OS 2.x, 3.x and 4.x
  • Symbian S60 3th Edition, 3th Edition Feature Pack 1, 3th Edition Feature Pack 2 and 5th Edition Phones (LG; Nokia; Sony-Ericsson; Samsung)
  • Android 1.0 or higher (LG, Sony-Ericsson, T-Mobile; HTC; Motorola; Samsung; Google; Acer; Archos; Dell; Docomo; Geeksphone; Huwawei; Lenovo; Philips)
  • BlackBerry OS 4.2.1 or higher (BlackBerry, Pearl; Curve; iDEN; Storm)


You don’t need a connection of the target cell phone to any computer in order to install the cell phone tracker on it. Below are the instructions for Symbian-based cell phones. Instructions do vary depending on the operating system and model of the cell phone. If you have another operating system for your target cell phone, this site has the instructions for them.

1. Start the Web Browser on the phone you’re going to track and enter this address:

next, press Enter.

2. Download process begins after that.

3. It will ask that you install SpyBubble, just click Yes and Continue.

4. After installation of SpyBubble, restart the target phone. (turn it off, wait for 5 seconds, and then turn it on again)

5. Enter your license key after restart.


After finishing this these simple steps, you’re now ready to use the software to track the cell phone you installed it on. Send some text messages and call the phone. After few seconds, these things will be recorded in your online account.

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