How To Track A Cell Phone?

{Update: Highster Mobile is now my recommendation. It’s a ONE-TIME FEE plus it just has MORE FEATURES. In contrast, SpyBubble, my previous recommendation, is now a recurring fee and the feature to overhear live phone calls was also removed.}

Hi there! Erwin here! Welcome to my site about how to track a cell phone!

Here, you’ll learn not only how to track a cell phone but also about other effective tracking techniques. You’ll also learn about what to do with the info you get from tracking a phone. These info may also work for tracking lost cell phones. I did cell phone tracking many times and, in my honest opinion, I’ve already found the best cell phone tracker. (Explanations are given below.)

Some Words of Caution

Before we get into it, please be aware that cell phone tracking can be illegal at times, depending on where you are (state/country) and how you do it.

But don’t worry…

I’ll teach you how to do it in a legal way. But I’m not a lawyer. So take my word with caution. And I really have to say this: Please use the cell phone tracker (and other tracking methods I’ll teach you) at your own risk!

You could only use the software on a phone you own or have legal authority over. If you use the software to track a phone without the owner and/or user knowing it, then that is ILLEGAL!

This is how to track a cell phone…

  • By installing chips on the target phone – These chips are physical devices that are installed inside phones. This is classic “bugging”, otherwise known as “wiretapping”. By doing this, you may be able to hear and record the calls of your target phone. And you may also track the cell phone location depending on the sophistication of the chip.
  •  By installing the cell phone tracker – This is the one I use. By using a cell phone tracker, I am able to see ALL of the target phone’s…
  1. SMS details
  2. Call Details
  3. Phonebook
  4. GPS Location
  5. Pictures Taken
  6. URL’s Visited
  7. E-mail Details
  8. Live Call Conversations (for the Pro version)
  9. Etc…

Even if these details get deleted on the phone, they’ll still be displayed by the cell phone tracker. Plus, this is way cheaper and better than installing chips because it can be installed on UNLIMITED number of phones… and it’s easier to install too. It just takes 3 minutes maximum to install!

4 years ago, my cousin used Mobile Spy to track his cell phone. It may have been the best at that time but things are different now. I now recommend SpyBubble instead. You’ll find many other people “swear with their whole souls” about Mobile Spy but I hope I could strongly convince you about SpyBubble! (And yes. I put my face here just to convince you.)

Here is why…

  • SpyBubble and Mobile Spy can do almost the same things – tracking of text messages, call logs, pictures taken, URLs visited, e-mails, phonebook, GPS location, etc.
  • SpyBubble and Mobile Spy can both track phones ANYWHERE in the world!
  • SpyBubble and Mobile Spy can both track UNLIMITED number of target phones.
  • SpyBubble has a new feature now called Live Call Listening. Mobile Spy doesn’t have it yet as of this writing. With such feature, you can now hear your target phone’s calls. Plus, you can also hear it’s environment. So even if the phone is just plain idle, you can hear what’s happening around it! Isn’t it great? (This is Pro version. It is offered if you already have the regular license.)
  • SpyBubble is a ONE-TIME payment. Mobile Spy is a RECURRING payment! A LIFETIME license for SpyBubble is just a 3-months license for Mobile Spy!
  • SpyBubble has a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. I don’t think Mobile Spy offers that guarantee too. And because of this, trying it out is really not a big deal!

I really believe you’ll get a much better deal with SpyBubble than with Mobile Spy. I may have first known about Mobile Spy but that was 4 years ago. I choose SpyBubble now ‘coz it’s better in every way I can think of…

If you still don’t believe me, visit both the SpyBubble website and the Mobile Spy website. You’ll see what I mean.

In my coming write-ups, I’ll show you what’s inside the SpyBubble cell phone tracker and also about other ways of monitoring… then some Q&A and other stuff. Please come back soon!

P.S.: Please come back here and comment about your experiences with such software to also help other people… sort of paying it forward. :)

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