How To Track A Cell Phone?

Hi there! Erwin here! Welcome to my site about how to track a cell phone!

Here, you’ll learn not only how to track a cell phone but also about other effective tracking techniques. You’ll also learn about what to do with the info you get from tracking a phone. These info may also work for tracking lost cell phones. I did cell phone tracking many times and, in my honest opinion, I've already found the best cell phone tracker. (Explanations are given below.)

Warning: Using this kind of software for invasion of privacy is ILLEGAL! Consult a legal professional so you know your best options!


This is how to track a cell phone…

  • By installing chips on the target phone – These chips are physical devices that are installed inside phones. This is classic “bugging”, otherwise known as “wiretapping”. By doing this, you may be able to hear and record the calls of your target phone. And you may also track the cell phone location depending on the sophistication of the chip.
  •  By installing the cell phone tracker – This is the one I use. By using a cell phone tracker, I am able to see ALL of the target phone’s…
  1. SMS details
  2. Call Details
  3. Phonebook
  4. GPS Location
  5. Pictures Taken
  6. URL's Visited
  7. E-mail Details

Even if these details get deleted on the phone, they’ll still be displayed by the cell phone tracker. Plus, this is way cheaper and better than installing chips because it can be installed on UNLIMITED number of phones… and it’s easier to install too. It just takes 3 minutes maximum to install!

P.S.: Please come back here and comment about your experiences with such software to also help other people… sort of paying it forward. 🙂

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