How To Block A Number On A Track Phone

How To Block A Number On A Track Phone

How to block a number on a cell phone is the question that every mobile user asks who finds themselves receiving numerous unsolicited calls to their cellular phones. The prospect of picking up a missed call while jogging or driving down the street has many people flushing their cell phones down the drain. The problem is that these prank callers cannot be easily identified because they often use very random phone numbers. Therefore, you would have to carefully and precisely decide on how to block a number on a track phone prior to picking up the phone.

If the calls that you are getting are after hours callers, then you can do so by logging into your carrier’s voicemail system. Many phones come equipped with the facility of sending a virtual message that plays right through your cell phone speakerphone. By dialing the number and pressing the speaker button, you are able to hear a prerecorded message that tells you to ignore the call. While these prerecorded messages are effective, you may find yourself missing some important details that you would want to discuss. For instance, if the caller is telling you to ignore the call, but you are trapped in your car, you would want to ask them questions about their calls before deleting the message. Otherwise, you will never know that you were placed on hold for an inappropriate reason.

If the mystery caller is calling you more frequently than your cell phone plan allows, you can actually trace their calls using a reverse phone lookup directory. To do this, you should log into a legitimate reverse phone lookup website and enter the phone number where you wish to trace. Next, you should hit the search button and receive accurate information about the caller such as their name and address. Although some websites claim to offer this service for free, you will usually have to pay a small fee for additional information.

A good way to know how to block a number on a track phone is to review your call history. If you find a consistent pattern of a call coming in at odd times and places, you may want to consider using a voice messaging system. You can record your calls and then create a voice message files that can be played straight from your MP3 player at your convenience.

If the above methods prove to be ineffective or too time consuming, you may wish to contact your cell phone provider and ask them for instructions. They may offer you the ability to block certain numbers from receiving calls through your phone. However, these services will only work for residential phones and not toll free or cell phones. It is also important to note that while some companies allow you to make voice message recordings, others do not. Therefore, you will need to check separately with each company.

The most reliable method of learning how to block a number on a track phone is to use a reverse lookup service online. By entering the phone number and clicking the search button, you will instantly receive the details of the caller. Even the address and other relevant information can be obtained. However, bear in mind that this information is considered public information. Therefore, it may be easier and more effective to purchase softwares that allow you to monitor call history and record calls.

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