How to Track a Cell Phone Number Using Google Earth?

How to Track a Cell Phone Number Using Google Earth?

Today, it is very easy for people to track a cell phone location using Google Earth. However, people do not realize that the process is also possible to be done online in real-time. To track a Cell Phone Location using Google Earth, you need to have the correct address of the recipient along with their phone number. Here are some quick tips that will help you in tracking a cell phone location online.

Step by step how to track a cell phone location using google earth cell phone tracking free service. You should know that the process works in two ways. If you want to use the tracking feature on Google Earth, then you should first enter the target address of your interest in the search box on the left hand panel. Press the enter button and a new search window will appear.

Step one: If you are already on the Google Earth map, go to the map page and click on “advanced options”. You will see a drop down menu on the top right corner of the screen. Click on “allow remote access.” This will allow you to browse the Google Earth map using your computer’s web browser without having to install any third party software. When you are done with the first page of the Google Earth map, you can click on “search now” and you will be directed to a page with the Google Earth map. On this page, you should see a Famisafe icon with an orange dot on it.

Step two: If you have not installed any third-party application for your Google account, the first thing you need to do is enable the Famisafe online tracking feature. Once you are on the familiar site, you will see the Famisafe icon with an orange dot. If you are already signed up for a Google account, a green dot will be displayed next to the Famisafe icon. To track your target device, click on “entonable tracking.”

The third step is to click on the icon for “manage data access permissions.” This will open the Famisafe internet tracking control panel where you can find all the options you need. The Famisafe internet tracking feature will allow you to manage your child’s browsing history by giving you the ability to delete, edit, or add new friends. Furthermore, you will also be able to delete the history of a specific target device.

Your child’s internet usage can be monitored easily with Famisafe cell phone tracker. This innovative Google Earth applications allows you to access detailed information about a particular child’s activity from any location. You can view a map of the area he frequently visits, along with the approximate time that he is at the location. This detailed information can help you determine where your child is at any point in time. Furthermore, you will be able to monitor what applications and websites he has visited as well as which games he is playing and which telephone numbers he dialed or call on his phone.

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